If you're anything like us, you'll know that there aren't many things in life as sweet and wholesome as an island full of happy Animal Crossing villagers. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing our favourite villagers doing some yoga on the beach or singing along to their favourite tune, and we wouldn't let even the biggest, boldest baddie hurt a single hair on their furry little heads.

But what if we're the baddies? Plenty of us have come to the realisation that the human race probably does way more harm than good for this planet, and now we have to contend with the possibility that the very same thing is happening on our New Horizons islands. Without wanting to spoil too much more, check out this fantastic animated short from Densle:

How good was that? The locations were so spot on that we really felt like we were in our own game for a moment.

The video is actually part of a series that we've highlighted once before – remember the animated short 'Boxes'? – but more episodes have been added since then. You can check out Densle's complete and amazing body of work right here, but we'll leave you with one more of our favourites: