Halloween is this weekend, so what better time to report on a piece of gaming hardware rising from the grave? The man responsible for this amazing resurrection is Solderking (AKA: Taylor Burley), who you might recall from a story we ran a while back about dunking Zelda carts in orange juice (basically, don't do it).

Burley, in case you didn't know, offers to repair broken games and hardware and was recently sent a Game Boy Pocket PCB that had been snapped clean in two. The story goes that the owner had dissembled the console to clean it, but accidentally dropped it on the floor – where his wife then (equally accidentally) stepped on it.

Amazingly, despite this damage, Burley was able to return the console to perfect working order. First, he used sandpaper to rub off the solder mask on the PCB itself before reconnecting the two pieces of PCB with epoxy. He then had to painstakingly resolder all of the exposed connections which had been severed when the PCB had been snapped in two (and then contend with a slightly ropey power switch), but the end result is a fully working (albeit naked) Game Boy Pocket.

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