Zacian Zamazenta

The Pokémon Sword and Shield distribution allowing fans to pick up Shiny versions of both Zacian and Zamazenta is now live across Europe, the US, Canada, and select parts of Asia.

We have all the currently-known details for you below, with thanks to Serebii for compiling parts of the list, and will make sure to update this page if we hear of any more.

North America

  • US: In-store at GameStop (Zacian only until 11th November, Zamazenta from 12th - 26th)
  • Canada: In-store at GameStop (Zacian only until 4th November, Zamazenta to follow)


Most distributions appear to be running until 18th November.

  • UK: In-store or online at GAME (Register for codes on GAME's website)
  • Ireland: In-store or online at GameStop (Online codes available here)
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland: In-store only at GameStop
  • France: In-store and online at Micromania
  • Spain: GAME, FNAC
  • Italy: Online at Gamestop
  • Belgium: In-store and online at GameMania
  • Netherlands: In-store and online at GameMania (Online codes available here)
  • Denmark: In-store at Nintendopusheren, Proshop and at NØRDCON (October 23rd/24th)
  • Sweden, Norway, Finland: Online at Proshop


Will you be trying to get your hands on these special Shiny Legendary Pokémon? Are you still waiting to see your region pop up in the confirmed distributions? Let us know in the comments below.

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