MH Stories 2 Happy Times
Image: @monsterhunter

Like its predecessor, the excellent RPG Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin isn't getting particularly close to matching sales of its mainline series contemporary, but nevertheless Capcom has offered decent post-launch DLC support and has reported positive sales.

In the presentation for Capcom's Q2 financial report, Capcom states that Stories 2 "tops 1.3 million units", which typically means the number shipped to stores combined with download sales. It was released on both Switch and PC (platforms aren't broken down in the report), and it's a decent number for the spin-off.

As for Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom announced in early October that it had passed 7.5 million sales, and there's no updated figure from that.

In a sign of the incredible growth in Monster Hunter's popularity, Capcom released 'franchise' figures that shows it's the 2nd most successful game IP for the company, only behind Resident Evil.

  1. Resident Evil series: 120 million units
  2. Monster Hunter series: 78 million units
  3. Street Fighter series: 47 million units
  4. Mega Man series: 37 million units
  5. Devil May Cry series: 24 million units
  6. Dead Rising series: 14 million units

In terms of Capcom's broader results, it is currently on track in its quest to reach nine consecutive years of operating profit growth, and its 'highest profit in company history'.

Happy times for Capcom then, and this is certainly a good time to be a Monster Hunter fan.