The Switch OLED is now officially out and about in the wild (several members of Team NL have happily received theirs in the mail this morning), and as any new owners will have noticed, it's a lovely, premium-feeling little thing.

If you're in the market for a new protective carry case, WaterField is back with a new, fittingly premium option for you. The Special Edition CitySlicker Case has been designed with the new OLED in mind, being able to store any Switch console with its Joy-Con attached, five game cartridges, and other accessories, and even sporting the OLED's new white and black colour scheme.

Plenty of other colours are also available, such as Blue, Black, and 'Grizzly', which turns out to be a smart brown colour. You can also order an optional strap to carry the case when you're out and about, and prices start at $88 (we told you it was luxurious).

Have you treated yourself to a new Switch OLED? Let us know in our launch day poll.