Image: Nintendo

With Splatoon 3 still trapped in a slightly vague '2022' release window, it's hard to say just how long we'll be waiting to get our hands on it. To remedy that a little, we've been keeping track of the game's official screenshots so that we can gaze at them all wide-eyed, dreaming of the day where running around the Splatlands becomes a reality.

In the images below, you'll get a good close-up look at the game's story mode, as well as some of the key locations you'll be calling home. Some of the story mode screenshots, in particular, look very lovely indeed, so scroll down and give your eyeballs a treat.

Story Mode

This intriguing structure is quite different from what we've seen of the Splatlands so far. All we know is that it's located somewhere within "Alterna," where this story mode takes place. Its purpose remains unknown, for now...

This mysterious substance found in Alterna is called Fuzzy Ink. It pulsates like a life-form, but it doesn't actually seem to be a living creature. It appears to be partially covered with brown furry stuff, leading us to suspect some kind of connection with that hairy Octarian...

This is the New Squidbeak Splatoon who work together undercover to defeat the evil Octarian Army. On the left is Agent 1, on the right is Agent 2, and in the middle is their captain. Their true identities are a secret, and they'll do whatever it takes to support the new Agent 3.

Eeltail Alley

An old neighborhood in the center of Splatsville, it's become a popular hangout for the town's young folk. With a walkway spanning up and over the area, this is surely a dynamic location for Turf War battles!

Museum d'Alfonsino

It seems a sophisticated transportation network makes it possible to join Turf Wars there. It's a large museum with lots of exhibitions, including ones currently featuring indigenous artifacts and modern art.

Scorch Gorge

We hear the strange rocks that rise up like chimneys were once undersea hydrothermal vents that now appear on land due to changes in the planet's surface. This area is also designated as a national park and quite popular.

If you missed it, make sure to check out the game's latest trailer which aired during the September Nintendo Direct. You'll see some of these story mode screenshots in action, as well as some of the weapons you'll be taking onto the battlefield.

Now then, excuse us while we sneak away from our desks to play a cheeky round of Splatoon 2, which incidentally received a new patch this week.