Image: Fangamer

Let's be honest, regardless of our age many frequenting these pages have various gaming collectibles and toys that more boring people would frown upon. You know, all those plushes and expensive limited editions of games, when some would rather buy a nice new lamp for the sitting room.

For those of us eager to add to our collections, Fangamer is definitely in the mix when it comes to online retailers. If you're not in North America, however, shipping and customs charges can often be as expensive - sometimes more so - than the actual item. Fangamer is aiming to improve matters for European shoppers soon, though, confirming that it'll open an EU store that will distribute locally.

There is a follow-up note, though, highlighting that Holiday items may still be more reliably shipped from the NA store, as stock for the EU subsidiary is still not final.

Its good news for fans of the store in Europe though. Some of us in the UK-based NL Towers can look forward to customs charges from both stores, however, which is not very fun.

If you're in the EU and like buying Fangamer's varied merch let us know in the comments - suddenly those collectibles may cost a bit less.