Earlier in the year we shared the announcement of Youtubers Life 2, which either has an unannounced deal with Google to use the YouTube brand or gets away with it courtesy of a non-capitalised 'T'. Either way, the original shifted well over a million copies, showing there's an appetite for the concept of an influencer-sim. The new entry looks like a step-up in terms of scope, and we'll be able to see for ourselves when it launches on 19th October; it'll be priced at $39.99/£34.99.

In the new entry you get out of the bedroom and hit the streets of 'NewTube City', and it's very much a 'content creator sim' as you post on various platforms in the quest for likes, subscribers and sweet, sweet sponsorship deals (ok, we may have made the last one up, but it might be in the game). It looks like it could be fun - if the concept appeals to you - as you can explore, complete quests and seemingly get up to all sorts of activities.

Below is some PR blurb outlining the features.

- Create content on different apps: NewTube, Glitch, and InstaLife.
- Explore NewTube City throughout three different neighborhoods: The City Hall, Downtown, and the Port. Each one has unique stores, leisure centers, activities, and other Youtubers (NPCs) with whom we can build a social relationship.
- Follow different trends triggered at different times, take pictures to Instalife, or record VOD and streamings on the way. The city is alive and will be a key to your development as a Youtuber.
- Record your progress on your Drone - your closest, customisable friend who will follow you on your adventures.
- New customisation options for your character and for your home. For the first time in the franchise, we will be able to customize our home and setup with our preferred style.

Let us know if you're tempted to try out this sequel in October, and be sure to ring that notification bell for updates in the future [erm, we don't have a notification bell on the site? Ed].