Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread is so close to launching on Nintendo Switch that we can almost taste it (and the disgusting flavouring that'll come on the cartridge, too). With just days to go until that glorious day, Nintendo's been busy dropping several TV commercials for the game.

We've actually shared one of these before – you might remember that its energetic song choice got fans a little bit excited on social media – but there are plenty of clips for you to check out. We'll start with a collection straight from Japan:

This one's been airing in multiple countries across mainland Europe:

And a slightly older clip from the US:

It's becoming near-impossible to avoid the hype at this stage, right?

If you want more where all that came from, make sure to check out the epic Metroid Dread trailer that aired during the recent Nintendo Direct.

October 8th just can't come soon enough.