With Metroid Dread's 8th October release date looming ever closer, it was hardly surprising to see the game featured in yesterday's Nintendo Direct – hype for the title has been sustained by not one, but two brand new trailers that aired during the show.

As expected, the game still looks like it'll be an incredible outing for our favourite bounty hunter. "What is the dread that waits for Samus? Stranded on Planet ZDR, when the E.M.M.I. are approaching, Samus’ only option is to survive." Chills.

If you missed them, or if you just want to relive the sinister, atmospheric vibes they give off one more time, you can check both out here (above and below). You'll note that the second trailer mentions Nintendo's Metroid Dread report – if you're interested in reading all eight volumes of the report, you can find them all here.

Only two more weeks until launch, folks. We can do it!