Stardew Valley

After last week's news that Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone is currently working on a new game, we can't be the only ones who ran to Google to figure out just how many copies of Stardew Valley he's sold in total. On Wikipedia, as of yesterday, the answer was ten million — but according to the presskit, the true figure is over fifteen million.

Granted, that whopping chunk of money won't entirely end up in Barone's pockets — he'll be splitting it with Chucklefish, the publisher, as well as the platforms that the game is sold on (such as Steam and the Nintendo eShop) and a fraction of it will be taken as taxes, of course — but still, that's quite the sum to fund the next game.

Despite 15 million being an incredible achievement for a solo-developed game, Stardew Valley hasn't yet made it onto the list of "best-selling games of all time", where the cut-off is twenty million copies sold. Still, the number of indie games on that list can be counted on a single hand, and it's an incredible and well-deserved achievement for Eric Barone nonetheless.

Let's buy another five million copies to help the poor guy out, eh?