Update: Spindle's Kickstarter campaign has concluded with a grand total of €59,091 pledged. The game was already confirmed as coming to Switch.

Here's the update released by the developer:

Done! That was a very exciting 32 days. We've had all the emotions you can have in a Kickstarter campaign. The endless joy on the first day when we collected over 9,000€. The doubts as to whether we will even make it in the days when we couldn't even collect 300€ a day. And then the last two days brought us over the magical limit of 55,000€!

In total, we were able to collect over 59,000€ with your help. That means that we will receive around 53,000€.

The next step is probably the tax advisor. Because of course, we have to pay taxes on this money. But as little as possible!

After so many years and the exhausting Kickstarter, we want to use September to relax. Then further planning can start!

Original Story [Thu 29th Jul, 2021 16:00 BST]: It's easy enough to get on board with games that follow the tried and trusted Zelda formula based on that simple fact alone, but what if we told you there was a Zelda-like that lets you play as both Death and a pig. You're sold already, right?

Spindle is an "old-school Zelda-esque" action-adventure that's hoping to secure a launch on Switch; the small team of developers behind the project have started a Kickstarter campaign to help them through the game's creation. They're looking for 55,000€ in total, which will help push the team over the line and get the game published on Steam and, eventually, Switch too.

As you'd expect from any Zelda-like, the game has you fighting enemies, solving puzzles and exploring dungeons – you can get a good taste of the gameplay in the trailer above, and there's also a free playable demo to check out if you're interested.

"In Spindle, you are the new Death, and together with a pig as a companion, you are in search of the reason why nobody in this world can die anymore. Free the world from chaos before it's too late!

You'll explore classic puzzle dungeons, search for your lost abilities, fight tricky bosses, and best of all: The Pig is playable, too!"

Even Death likes to spend time doing some RPG fishing side quests. It's the done thing.

It certainly looks like it has potential, so make sure to check the Kickstarter to learn more about the project's creation and pledge your support if you're a fan.

Before you go, though, feel free to also share your thoughts on this one with us in the comments below.