Xenoblade Chronicles

Rumours about a September Nintendo Direct are swirling faster than water down a toilet bowl, thanks to a "leak" from industry insider Zippo, and Nintendo historically doing something in September for at least the last five years. If that evidence sounds shaky to you, then perhaps this newest clue will help: Xenoblade developer Monolith Soft's website is being taken down for maintenance on Wednesday, September 8th — the first time since 2017.

"But websites undergo maintenance all the time," you say, eyes rolling in a way that says "please stop with these Nintendo Direct rumours". Perhaps you're right, imaginary detractor, and yet... it certainly is suspicious. After all, Monolith Soft's website is where you would see news about Xenoblade. Plus, they were hiring recently. And there are a lot of Xenoblade 3 rumours. And the voice actor said she "thinks" there's another one on the way.

Anyway, when have we ever been wildly disappointed about a much-awaited announcement after rumour-based hype? We can't remember a single time.

Listen, if this rumour turns out to be built on solid ground, then sign us up for Xenoblade 3, and we will be the first to eat our hats. But until then, our hats will remain far away from our mouths, because these rumours are as shaky as a a Wiimote maraca. Anyway, nice to catch up! We'll see you again for the same rumours next month.

But what do YOU think? Do these rumours hold water, or are you sick to death of hearing about the ghost of a possibility of a potential Nintendo Direct?

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