AC Planters by SailorHG and Alice Lee
Image: SailorHG and Alice Lee

Plants! They're like babies for millennials with no money, which is... most of us, to be honest! Why not give your plants the very best — by which we don't mean fertiliser or plenty of sun, but these gorgeous Animal Crossing planters?


Made as a collaboration between Sailor Mercury (the artist who made Froggy Computer) and Alice Lee, each one of these limited-edition plant pots features a character from Animal Crossing, including the main NPCs like Blathers and Leif, but also some of the best* villagers, like Ketchup, Lily, and Tangy.

There are 18 planters planned for exhibition in an San Francisco art show this Autumn, and so far, the pair are up to eight with the addition of Ketchup. You can follow Sailor Mercury and Alice Lee on their Twitters!

*highly subjective, of course.