Froggy Computer
Image: @Ltafuri

We're still weeping real tears over the loss of Froggy Chair from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and even though we've been waiting almost a year, the amphibian seat has not returned to us. Not even as DLC. Froggy Chair's allure is irresistible: its little face, the way it looks so darn happy to see you, its friendly, bright green colour that goes with just about everything in every room, ever. Froggy Chair is perfect.

But frogret - sorry, forget Froggy Chair for now. Froggy Chair represents the pre-pandemic times. Happier times, maybe, but also a time when we were childish and naïve. We are in the Mad Max future now, and we need so much more than a simple chair.

Enter Froggy Computer, brainchild of software engineer and artist Sailor Mercury. Froggy Computer was made back in mid-2020, out of laser-cut acrylic and love. Now, Sailor Mercury is working with a bunch of artists and engineers to create a matching Froggy Keyboard set of keycaps - and it'll be available to buy from the 21st January.

The project, called "kerokerokeys", will involve a few extras: cookiecables has created matching green cables, artist punimelt has designed a froggy deskmat, and keycap artisan craftedbyannie is in charge of making unique froggy-shaped keycaps that can be bought separately.

Image: @Ltafuri

Now all that's left is for Nintendo to put the Froggy Computer into Animal Crossing, and the circle will be complete.