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Last week, Nintendo revealed N64 and Sega Mega Drive titles would be coming to the Switch Online service, as part of a new "expansion pack" tier. It's essentially opened the door once again for all sorts of retro systems to be added in the future.

One that's probably the most requested is Nintendo's GameCube (it's now 20 years old). Although the cube didn't have much luck during its lifetime, nowadays it's got a bit of a cult following. Being one of the most requested systems, one fan has now gone to the extent of a series of mock-ups - imagining what its library of games might look like if it got a NSO announcement.

The following tweet by YouTuber Reecee_yt illustrates what a boot-up screen might look like. Then there's a look at possible launch titles including Metroid Prime, Zelda and F-Zero GX. And "future release" games such as Doshin the Giant and the original Animal Crossing (you know, the one with the NES games in it). And last, of all, we have a screenshot of Paper Mario.

Launch titles...
Image: @Reecee_yt
Future releases...
Image: @Reecee_yt
Paper Mario
Image: @Reecee_yt

As exciting as it looks, in reality - it doesn't necessarily mean Nintendo has any plans to bring this particular library of games to its paid online service. A number of responses have also highlighted the storage requirements of GameCube games. One tweet, in particular, mentions how the 20 games listed could potentially fill up the internal storage.

@alexsoddlife "while this would be awesome, it would take up a *lot* of space. one untrimmed gamecube disc takes up about 1.35 gigabytes of disk space. if you add up all those games you listed, chances are you would have already filled up the switch’s internal storage."

Still, it wasn't enough to stop fans dreaming up new concepts - like a re-release of the famous WaveBird Wireless Controller. Here's what one could look like packaged up, courtesy of the artist Baronduki:

Fans have also previously created "mock-ups" of Game Boy, Game Color and Game Boy Advance for Nintendo Switch Online.

Do you think we'll ever see GameCube games show up on a service like NSO? Are you excited about the new collections being added in October? Leave a comment down below.