Image: via Nintendo

Baldo: The Guardian Owls got off to a rough start when it arrived on the Nintendo Switch and multiple other platforms.

We ended up delaying our review and waiting until a hotfix was released. Unfortunately, even after the first patch - we still encountered quite a lot of problems. The Italian developer Naps Team has now released yet another patch. It's simply titled "Hotfix 2" and apparently resolves all remaining "known" bugs and glitches.

Unfortunately, it seems many other bugs are still lurking about in the game - with a number of other game-crashing glitches still being reported by the player base, like the one below:

In our Nintendo Life review we summed up Baldo: The Guardian Owls as a beautiful looking Ghibli-esque adventure that draws you in with its wonderful art style and atmosphere and then beats you into submission with its bewildering gameplay.

How have you found Baldo yourself so far - encountered any issues? Tell us down in the comments below.