Launching today on Nintendo Switch is Astria Ascending, a JRPG developed by indie team Artisan Studios and a host of renowned Final Fantasy veterans.

Said to be "an epic adventure with the charm and pedigree of a classic JRPG", Astria Ascending has players taking control of the Demigods, a crew of eight heroes charged with the fate of the world. Each of these characters has their own story to discover told across five cities, 25 dungeons, and an expected 30-50 hours of gameplay.

You'll also get to take part in some good old turn-based combat, as well as a range of side quests and minigames. Make sure to check out the new launch trailer up above.

As we touched on above, the game has been created by a team of ten developers at Artisan Studios, alongside contributions from JRPG developers whose work you probably already know. The game's narrative was written by Kazushige Nojima (Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VII Remake), with a score by Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy XII, Vagrant Story), and art from CyDesignation (Akihiko Yoshida and Hideo Minaba).

We actually sat down for a chat with some of the team earlier this year to learn more about the game, so make sure to revisit that if you'd like to hear more about how the game came to be and what you can expect.

You can grab Astria Ascending from the eShop right now for $39.99 / £35.99, or pre-order the physical version ready for its slightly later November release.

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