New Pokemon Snap

We're just hours away from checking out New Pokémon Snap's first major update, but more details on what it will actually contain are still trickling through.

Of course, we already know that the update is adding 20 new Pokémon and three new courses, but it turns out that a number of quality of life improvements are also included. Four tweaks have been reported so far, and all of them sound very welcome indeed. Here's what you can expect (with thanks to Serebii):

- Now, when you go to Retry a level after completion, you will get to select the Research Level again so you don't have to exit out in order to select the same stage with a different Research Level

- You now have the ability to go directly to camp without having any photos assessed

- If you achieve a LenTalk Mission with one of your photos, they will get flagged as meeting the requirements before you get it assessed

- You can now directly save images onto your Nintendo Switch directly from the photo editing option

If you want a closer look at the new stages headed to the game ahead of the update's launch, you can see footage of all three right here. The update drops later tonight in North America, and on the following morning (4th August) in Europe and Japan.