Islanders Console Edition, the minimalist city builder from developer Grizzly Games, is heading to Switch... right now!

Yes, as revealed in today's Indie World Showcase, the relaxing 2019 game has been shadow-dropped on Switch eShop by publisher Coatsink and is available to buy as you read these very words for the reasonable price of £4.49 / $4.99 / €4.99. It's coming to PS4 and Xbox One on 26th August, but Switch owners get the first chance to take the console version for a spin.

If you're unfamiliar with Islanders — or ISLANDERS if you want to get all-CAPS shouty about it — it's a procedurally generated and very chilled city-builder where you fashion villages on the game's rugged landscapes, with shorelines, cliffs, snowy mountains, parched deserts, grass... you know, all the earthly biomes. Ergonomic building will earn you points as you work towards a target which unlocks bigger and better elements to construct and expand your island metropolis.

Islanders Keyart 16x9 1080
Image: Coatsink

Ahead of the game's Switch announcement, the team at Grizzly Games gave Nintendo Life some exclusive comments about this relaxing puzzler, its journey to Switch, and the feeling of seeing the game appear in a Nintendo Indie World Showcase...

Grizzly Games team introduction and roles on this console port:

We’re Jonas, Friedemann and Paul, also known as Grizzly Games. For ISLANDERS Console Edition we added some new content to the game such as new Island types and color-schemes. On the technical side the awesome folks at Coatsink handled porting the original game to the Switch Platform.

On what players can expect to enjoy in the Console Edition:

What makes ISLANDERS Console Edition stand out compared to other city builders is its extreme simplicity. The gameplay is all about planning and optimizing the layout of your city. There is no resource management, no skill trees and no unnecessary fluff, which is why some players describe it as the “Tetris” of city builders.

On initial inspirations for the game:

We loved the vibe of classic city builders such as ANNO or SimCity and thought it would be great to have a scaled down version of that for shorter play sessions.

On the excitement of being featured in the Indie World Showcase:

On a scale from zero to Christmas Eve, very close to Christmas Eve. Seeing ISLANDERS Console Edition on the Switch is something we’ve always dreamt of.

On how the game is a good fit for Switch:

ISLANDERS Console Edition is a cozy, beautiful and accessible game that invites everybody to build their dream city on a remote island. It’s a great game for unwinding with a relaxed play session at the end of the day and we think the Switch is the perfect console for that, because it allows you to take the game wherever you want.

While we really hope somebody gets to play ISLANDERS Console Edition on a deserted island under a palm tree someday, we personally are most excited to play it on our couch or on the train.

On the challenges of balancing the small handheld screen and docked play experience:

ISLANDERS Console Edition has only very minimal UI, so that helped because icons and other user interface items usually create the biggest challenges in this regard. The wonderful people who handled the porting at Coatsink did a beautiful job at adapting everything that needed to be altered to work on the small screen and we think the game works perfectly on both scales.

On technical performance (Elizabeth Manuwa from Coatsink):

ISLANDERS Console edition runs at a stable 30 FPS in both docked and in handheld mode and the resolution plays docked at 1080p and 720p in handheld.

And finally, on where Islanders places on a 1-10 scale of 'Chill':

We say 12, but we might be a little biased on this. It’s super nice that you can play ISLANDERS Console Edition everywhere you want to now!

Islanders Console Edition is out now on Switch eShop. Let us know if you're up for getting city with it with a comment below.