Among Us is getting another content update, and this next one is big. Well, it looks big. Or maybe it's just close to the camera.

It's not clear what it is. Or what it's doing. All we know is what's in the image: A lil Among Us crewmate (Cyan, for reference) reacting with fear/surprise/excitement to the presence of a big yellow... thing. Is it a rock? A large chicken nugget? A deep-fried planet?

At least from the background, we know it's in space, which implies... not much. Most of the game is set in space, after all.

We're out of guesses. It's a Monday, after all, and our next appointment for getting refuelled with that sweet Nintendo juice isn't until Tuesday afternoon. What do the fans think it is?

Quite frankly, our money's on the kidney stone.

What are your guesses? Let us know in the comments!

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