Summer Holidays for parents mean lots of quality time with their children, and also the challenges of keeping them entertained. It's not all day trips and activities, of course, and Nintendo's Japanese website has published a guide giving tips to parents that may be struggling to manage what their little 'uns are doing on their Switch systems (thanks, Kotaku).

Interestingly, it addresses an apparent increase in children using their parent's credit cards and accounts to make purchases. It's tabloid newspaper fodder, of course, headlines of "My Son Spent £10,000 On FIFA" with pictures of frowning parents, but beyond sensationalised articles like that it can be an actual problem. Not all parents are tech savvy, either, so the guide uses very simple terms and step-by-step details to help parents understand the sorts of things kids want to buy (especially microtransactions), control user accounts, and also avoid risk by removing saved card details.

There are equivalent guides on Nintendo's regional sites on parental controls, of course, and there's the phone app that allows parents to manage all sorts of access for their kids' accounts. In fact, for those that utilise the features, the Switch offers a solid suite of options for avoiding excessive amounts of money spent on Fortnite emotes etc, including outright preventing youngster's accounts from using the eShop.

It's a challenge for parents, no doubt. If you do control these things and your kids complain, though, you can always tell them to get a job save up their pocket money.

Do any of you parents come across issues managing your kids' access on the Switch? Let us know in the comments!

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