Minecraft Dungeons
Image: Microsoft / Mojang

Nintendo Switch Online is a service that elicits some feisty conversations online as its merits are debated. As a service it can be relatively inexpensive (especially if you utilise the family subscription), and alongside some 'free' games like Pac-Man 99 it also offers up access to full online play and cloud saves. Of course online play used to be free on Nintendo hardware, so putting that behind a paywall was always going to be divisive.

Another part of the NSO offering is seven day game trials, where various titles are free-to-play in their entirety for a week. Dare we say it, but recently some of the trials have been pretty decent titles with relatively high profiles; in the West over the past month or so we've had Fuser, Among Us and most recently Two Point Hospital.

In Japan it's often a different line-up, and its next entry is another high profile game - Minecraft Dungeons. While not necessarily critically acclaimed, its a popular game in one of the world's biggest gaming IPs. It'll be free to NSO members in Japan from 9th to 15th August.

Some rather good and well known games have had trials in recent weeks, then; we'll wait and see what comes next in Europe (PAL) and North America.

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