Doublehit Games' Eternal Hope released back in April of this year on Steam — where it's currently sat on a Very Positive user review rating — and now the developer has announced a Switch version which is due to hit the eShop on August 26th.

A dimension-shifting puzzle-platformer very much in the aesthetic mould of Hollow Knight with gameplay highly reminiscent of Playdead's Limbo, Eternal Hope sees players assume the role of Ti'bi, a young boy who must embark on a journey of love and hope in order to rescue his beloved's soul.

The official PR blurb digs into some of the finer details:

Embark on a journey to a dark, magical world full of mysteries!
Travel across mystic forests, hidden caves, ancient cities to make your way up the mountains to the Temple of Souls.
Use special powers to shift between worlds and change the environment in which you play.
Solve puzzles with a little help! Use the environments and creatures of the Shadow World to help overcome the obstacles before you.
Friend or foe? Meet unique creatures and find more about the species that dwell in the Shadow World.
A beautiful and original soundtrack that will immerse you in Ti’bi’s emotional tale.
Traverse evocative landscapes that help to tell a unique story.
See the world through Ti'bi's eyes as you unravel mysteries about yourself and a long-lost civilization.

Eternal Hope is definitely a bit of a looker, as you can see for yourself in the release trailer above, and we're getting everything from Studio Ghibli to Ori and the Blind Forest off the gameplay videos we've checked out so far. Let's hope the gameplay matches up to the beautiful art style when it hits Switch in just a couple of days time!

Will you grabbing Eternal Hope later this week? Let us know in the comments.