Image: Power-A

Supergiant Games' superlative roguelike dungeon-crawler, Hades, which arrived on Switch in a stellar release back in December 2018, is getting its very own Power-A wireless controller.

As reported by Comicbook.com, and according to a recent tweet by Wario64, the slick red pad adorned with an image of Zagreus and various other symbols and icons from the game is now available to view on Amazon's website, although pre-orders have yet to go live.

Officially licenced by Nintendo, Power-A controllers do lack a few functions found on Nintendo's own Pro Controller, most notably rumble support and an NFC reader, but these are still all-round solid pads that offset some missing features by coming in a little cheaper.

Apparently the Hades Power-A pad will officially release on 17th September, and we'll be keeping an eye out for those pre-orders going live in the meantime.

Are you still playing Hades and interested in picking up this new pad when it releases? Let us know in the comments below!

[source comicbook.com, via twitter.com]