Manaphy Diamond Pearl

If today's mighty overview trailer for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl has you sold on the game already, you'll be pleased to know that an early purchase bonus has been revealed by The Pokémon Company.

That's right, those who pick up one of the two games early will receive a Manaphy egg; Manaphy is a Mythical Pokémon, and one that is very unusual indeed. By hatching your new Manaphy egg, you won't just be getting your hands on one special Mythical Pokémon, but two – breeding a Manaphy will get you a Phione, a Pokémon which can't be obtained any other way.

If you want one, you'll need to have bought the game and played it through to the necessary section by 21st February 2022. All details can be found below.

"You can receive your Egg by choosing Get via Internet from the Mystery Gift function in the game until February 21, 2022. By putting it into your party and carrying it around on your adventure through the Sinnoh region, you’ll be able to hatch the Egg and gain Manaphy as a companion.

An internet connection is required to receive the Manaphy Egg, but a Nintendo Switch Online subscription (paid) is not required.

It takes approximately two hours of play time before you are able to access the Mystery Gift function."

Have you already been convinced to pick up the new games when they launch in November? Will you be playing them on the shiny new Dialga and Palkia Switch Lite console? Hatch a comment below.