A particularly intriguing announcement earlier this summer was Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo, published by Microids and developed by Pendulo Studios (Blacksad: Under the Skin). It's bold taking on a name that's so iconic in film, not to mention producing a game that'll seemingly have its own original spin on the story.

As you can see above there's a new story trailer that's been released ahead of the upcoming Gamescom online event. It shows us a good deal more footage than the previous teaser, setting up some core characters and the overriding mystery that'll seemingly drive the narrative. It also confirms that while PC will hit the original release target of this year, console versions (including Switch) are now due in 2022.

If you missed it earlier in the summer, the PR blurb below outlines some of the developer's goals for this one.

  • An exclusive, original story about obsession, memory, manipulation and madness, freely inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, Vertigo
  • Live a powerful narrative experience paying tribute to the visual and storytelling techniques of the thriller genre
  • Investigate through the vision of three characters: everyone has a different story to tell
  • Explore several timelines to cross-check the events and separate reality from deceptive memories

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