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Another week in the world of video games has come and gone. This week we saw Nintendo acknowledge an evergreen meme, we learned that a 'realistic' F-Zero was on the cards at one point, and Nintendo dodged a bunch of questions at a shareholder Q&A (the respondees also revealed their favourite games).

It's now time to unwind a little and discuss our weekend gaming plans. A few members of the Nintendo Life team have done just that below, so feel free to give our entries a read and then join in with your own via our comment section. Enjoy!

Thomas Whitehead, deputy editor

I don't think I'll have loads of time this weekend, but definitely have a couple of games in mind. First up I need to get back to Metroid: Zero Mission on the good ol' Wii U Virtual Console; if I get through it (a big if admittedly) I'll move on to Metroid: Samus Returns, as I'm playing through the 'best versions' as I see it of the four mainline games.

I'm also tempted to jump into a bit of Ace Attorney on my 3DS, too. I'm very much looking forward to The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles later this month, so perhaps a little warm-up and reminder of the other games is called for. Besides, I still love my little 3DS, so it deserves a bit of playtime.

Gonçalo Lopes, reviewer

Where did the first half of 2021 go? Fells like it was New Year’s Eve just yesterday. It came home alright, but not the EURO 2020 cup, just the Portuguese national team. At least I am once again scary good at GameCube’s Virtua Striker 3 v.2002. On more current generation of hardware this weekend will be spread between Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX, Destroy All Humans!, Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny (Dood!) and the beautiful landscapes of Sky: Children of the Light.

Game of the week is Arcade Archives Raiden. Despite already being 31(!) years old, Seibu Kaihatsu first game in the series showcases so much hidden depth and secrets that it remains a timeless masterpiece within the genre, one I am more than pleased to welcome back into my weekend indulgences.

Gavin Lane, editor

Having recently got my hands on a copy of Excitebots: Trick Racing (which never released in PAL regions, for shame), I hope to sit back and relax with that this weekend. Excite Truck remains one of my favourite Wii games ever — something about the chilled motion-controlled experience and the satisfaction you get from nailing a landing and getting a speed boost really struck a chord with me in the months after the Wii launched, so I'm itching to recapture some of that feeling.

You might not be able to add your own soundtrack via SD card, but I've got headphones for that. Time to put on some Gwen Stefani and hit the track like it's 2007.

Ollie Reynolds, reviewer

Hello everyone! Hope you're all well. I've got a busy weekend ahead of me, so gaming might be taking a bit of a backseat unfortunately, but I definitely want to plug away at the Adventure mode in Mario Golf: Super Rush. So far, I've just been playing standard matches and unlocking the new courses as I go, so it'll be good to see what the main campaign offers up. I've been a bit torn on the game so far, though… Like, it's good, but not good, y'know? I'm not sure, it just feels like it's missing something at the moment. Anyway, hope you all have a cracking weekend!

Kate Gray, staff writer

This week, I've been playing Doki Doki Literature Club Plus for review, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles for a preview, The House In Fata Morgana for my ongoing diary series, and... between three visual novels, I've barely had time to eat. I haven't been outside in days. I don't remember my own name. All I know is "press A to advance text".

Liam Doolan, news writer

My weekend gaming plans are all of a sudden looking a little more exciting following Nintendo's surprise update for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. As you might have already seen, it adds a new cup, 3 new environments and a Yoshi kart - so it's time to sweep those floors and move some furniture about. The other Switch game I intend on spending quite a bit of my spare time with is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Instead of playing as Tekken's Kazuya, I think I might spend the next few days versing him after hearing about his Level 9 CPU version.

Alex Olney, senior video producer

I'm diving back into garden renovation for all of Saturday, so that's a gaming write-off. Sunday is another game entirely though; I've recently been drawn back to Ghost of Tsushima (before the recent announcement in try hipster fashion) so I'll no doubt be dumping a whole mess of hours into that, but I'll also probably fire up the Xbox if it doesn't turn itself on to play some Halo: The Master Chief Collection. A whole weekend of no Nintendo games? It's more likely than you'd think...

As always, thanks for reading! Make sure to leave us a comment below with your gaming choices over the next few days...