The Nintendo Switch has a fair few animated jigsaw puzzle games at this point (who can forget Animated Jigsaws: Japanese Women?), but this latest effort from Leonardo Zufi and QUByte Interactive is going for a slightly different approach.

Called ASMR Journey - Animated Jigsaw Puzzle, this new game blends relaxing jigsaw gameplay with – you guessed it – ASMR. As anyone who spends their evenings plummeting into the depths of YouTube for evening entertainment will know, ASMR (or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) refers to that tingly, usually relaxing feeling you get when listening to certain types of carefully-crafted audio.

The result of this combination is a game that has you sitting down to complete puzzles, all while taking in "magical" and "peaceful" environments, an "immersive" soundtrack, and relaxing ambient sounds to help you truly unwind. If you still aren't quite grasping the whole ASMR thing, this squelchy Grimer should hopefully do the trick.

Here's ASMR Journey - Animated Jigsaw Puzzle's official game description, which admittedly leaves us with more questions than answers:

"ASMR Journey is a jigsaw puzzle game that takes you on a relaxing visit to lively and magical environments with a peaceful and serene environment, different levels of difficulty, immersive soundtrack with relaxing ambient sounds and a little story of magic and peace.

The journey starts with a girl opening the door to her bookstore in the corner of living room. It was the little witch who sell magic books. At hand was his new volume, with a peculiar name. But what journey would that be? Maybe we all need to know."

Do we all need to know? Well, it won't be long before we find out, as ASMR Journey - Animated Jigsaw Puzzle is launching on the Switch eShop today.

Let us know if this sounds like your cup of tea with a comment below.