Resident Evil Sale Switch

Update: As a quick reminder, the Resident Evil sale currently taking place on Switch and 3DS ends today for those of you in North America, and on the 24th for those in Europe. All details can be found in our original article below.

Original Article (Thu 8th Jul, 2021 17:00 BST): If you're a Resident Evil fan looking to jump into your next entry in the series, or if you're someone hoping to check out the franchise for the very first time, this new sale across Nintendo Switch and 3DS may well come in handy.

Nine games across the franchise are currently on offer, with some deals reaching as much as 75% off. We've got the full list of US discounts for you below (similar deals can be found in Europe), so have a browse and feel free to click on any game that takes your fancy to learn more about them and read our reviews.

Game Price Platform
Resident Evil 0 $12.99, was $19.99 Switch
Resident Evil $12.99, was $19.99 Switch
Resident Evil 4 $14.99, was $19.99 Switch
Resident Evil 5 $14.99, was $19.99 Switch
Resident Evil 6 $14.99, was $19.99 Switch
Resident Evil Revelations $7.99, was $19.99 Switch
Resident Evil Revelations 2 $7.99, was $19.99 Switch
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D $4.99, was $19.99 3DS
Resident Evil Revelations $7.99, was $19.99 3DS

These deals will remain live on the Switch and 3DS eShops up until 21st July at 11:59pm PT in the US, and on the 24th July in Europe.

Are there any games in that list that are tempting you into a purchase? Any recommendations you'd like to share with other readers? Fire away in the comments below.