A Plague Tale: Innocence is a game with some vocal supporters, this writer included - largely linear in nature, it tells the tale of two siblings as they try to survive in a gritty but also fantastical 1340s France. It recreates the era of the French Inquisition and an invading English army, with its hook being the consistent presence of thousands of rather creepy rats in various scenes.

It's a solid performer on PS4 / Xbox One and their mid-generation upgrades, and today it has an enhanced iteration for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. That said, it's clearly not feasible for a direct port to Switch, so today also sees the release of a Cloud Version, following predecessors in the format like Control and Hitman 3. Nintendo also included Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy in its E3 Direct, though it wasn't particularly clear until follow-up details that it will, naturally, be a cloud version.

For those without other gaming systems, or perhaps just want games like these on a portable, cloud versions are certainly a valid option; A Plague Tale's sequel will also be coming to Switch as a cloud title. Of course, the nature of the format means you need a solid connection, and though you purchase the game it'll only be accessible for as long as the servers are maintained.

We tried the timed demo and it worked not too badly; it was relatively fuzzy in portable mode with the occasional hitch on our reasonable connection.

So, are you tempted by this? Are you a fan of cloud versions or are you steering clear? Let us know in the comments!