The only image that does the achievement justice
Image: Nintendo

Back in late May we shared a particularly cool feat that had been achieved by a dedicated completionist of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - an 'impossible' chest that had been reached. There's a dedicated group of speedrunners and glitch specialists that have discovered hidden treasure chests in the game, and getting to them through all sorts of unconventional methods has brought about a true community effort.

Now Kleric, who's well known in these circles, has succeeded in opening the final 'impossible chest' that is buried deep underground at Aris Beach. It's worth noting that credit for the achievement goes around multiple people, as Kleric outlines in the video description:

Big thanks to ElDuende! Without them, I wouldn't even know this chest existed, let alone the mountains of knowledge leading to this moment.

And thanks to LetMeThinkOfAUsername for letting me know of the wall-jump shield surf that lets you be in the standing-state beneath the water layer.

The number of techniques and precise moves required to access the chest is extraordinary, partly due to the need to get Link out of the 'swimming' animation and into a standing stance to open it. There are multiple glitch tricks used along with some frankly brilliant uses of the game physics engine. Check it out below and be sure to watch until the end for the ultimate payoff...

So there you have it, the final 'impossible' chest in Breath of the Wild. If any of you decide to attempt this we suggest you'll need a lot of practice.