Demolition Therapy Controller
Image: Demolition Therapy

If you're a regular reader of this site, we imagine you're quite likely to be the type of person who looks after their old games and consoles with heartwarming levels of love and care. Indeed, in our case, we're not afraid to admit that we're so precious over our collection of classic systems that we'd start to feel a little nervous if someone so much as touched one of our favourite items.

On the other end of the scale, though, is Demolition Therapy. This new initiative from UK company Electrical Direct invites people to "take out your lockdown stress" on old, broken electrical equipment, including a variety of gaming tech. We've seen similar schemes before – the idea is that you can truly let out your stress and anger in a safe environment, smashing things up with a friend to let off steam.

We'll avoid sharing too much of the initiative's press release (it touches upon that stereotypical 'gamers are angry, rage-quitting monsters' talk), but essentially, you and a friend can have 30 minutes of tech-smashing fun for the sum of £50. For that entry fee, you can pick up a hammer, brick, axe, mallet, crowbar, or even a golf club to wallop old gaming items, TVs, laptops, keyboards, PC monitors and more.

Demolition Therapy will be coming to London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Glasgow, and anyone interested can sign up to the mailing list here.

Oh, and don't worry, a note on the website says that "everything you can smash in Demolition Therapy was already broken to minimise unnecessary wastage. We recycle and repurpose anything in working condition, you destroy the stuff that has no further purpose."

Can you see this taking off? Are there any particular games consoles you wouldn't mind destroying? Share your smashing thoughts with us in the comments below.