Switch Lite

It has now been a year since Nintendo launched the Switch in China with the help of Tencent and it seems to be paying off.

According to Niko Partners, the hybrid system has now sold more than 1.3 million units in the region this year, through both legal and gray market channels. Bloomberg highlights how this is "almost double" the combined sales of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One within the same period. All up, this pushes the Switch's lifetime sales within China to close to four million.

As previously noted, one of the standout Switch games in China this year has been Ring Fit Adventure - which resulted in shortages around the world due to the demand - especially during the height of the pandemic. And although games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons have not been given government approval just yet, they still have quite the following.

There's plenty of potential for Switch sales growth - with Niko Partners president Lisa Cosmas Hanson mentioning at the beginning of the last month how demand for the next-gen units (XSX and PS5) isn't quite as high as here in the west.

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