Minecraft Caves & Cliffs 1.18 snapshot

Sometimes, it's proper boring having to write about other people having a great time in video games. It mostly just makes us wish we were the ones having the fun, instead of the ones sitting in front of a document and putting down words about someone else's fun.

But you know what? Why just write about the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update, when we can play it ourselves! We own Minecraft, and the ability to take screenshots! Yeah!

So, here's a gallery of our adventure in a newly-generated Minecraft world, using the experimental Caves & Cliffs 1.18 snapshot on PC — an update that will reportedly come to Switch this holiday season, but can be accessed now if you don't mind it being a bit janky. In the screenshots, you can see massive caves, pockets of plantlife, and a range of much gentler slopes, as well as the local water levels and re-jigged ore distribution.

Mo' Cave, Mo' Problems

The new mega-caves are rather exciting, but they are also FILLED with hazards. Zombies, Creepers, lava, you name it, it's in here. Flying around these massive earth-holes is a great time, but walking around is pretty darn difficult.

Mountain Time

Oof, that river is quite gorgeous. We don't know if that's new, or we've just never seen such a majestically meandering water feature before. But check out them slopes!!

A Room With A View

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs 1.18 snapshot

No evil residents in this hillside village. Probably. Minecraft's villagers don't really have the brainpower to figure out ethics, anyway.

Proper Lush

Lush caves are a rather lovely new addition, adding moss blocks, azaleas, dripleaf plants, and new planty light sources, so they're easy to spot in the mega-caves.

Marooned Marinelife

One recurring feature of the new world generation is that the new local water levels will sometimes create huge underground lakes (very cool) into which will spawn glow squids (also cool) who will often beach themselves and die (not cool). That's emergent storytelling, though!

Drip, Drip

The new dripstone caves are pointy, dangerous, and extreeeeeemely pretty, even if they will kill you.

Better visibility

Surely, we hear you say, being able to see for miles in these new caves must make it really easy to find ores and other goodies? Well, yes and no. We found a spawner pretty quickly, but diamonds took a lot longer — in fact, we only found one in our exploration, and it was at -30 thanks to the new ore generation tweaks. However, we found it without having to do any digging, so that's good news for your pickaxes, at least!

Tell us if you've found anything interesting in your new world in the comments below!