The Switch eShop has a number of artistically experimental games, and the upcoming Cuccchi certainly qualifies in that category. Developed by Fantastico Studio and Julian Palacios of the 'Eremo collective', it's an experience that'll form a unique perspective and 'gamified archive' of artist Enzo Cucchi's work.

Enzo Cucchi is a renowned artist that has been associated with movements such as 'neo-expressionism' throughout his career; his work is presented in world renowned galleries including Tate Gallery, Louvre and many others. As stated in the press release, the artist has been involved in the project as a modern means of sharing and archiving his work.

Enzo Cucchi, an undisputed master of the international art scene, quite distant from any technological charm, has chosen an original way to make his art available: a "gamified archive", with all the information of interest to collectors, scholars, gallery owners, etc., but expressed in a language and method close to the new generations.

The game itself will have seven areas based on Cucchi's works, you'll need to explore and avoid dangers while finding 51 hidden items. As you find hidden items you then unlock high quality visuals of his artwork in the game's gallery.

It's a fascinating project; it launches on the Switch eShop on 30th July priced at $7.99USD / 7,99€ / £7.19. Let us know what you think in the comments.