Finding the wait for your Legend of Zelda: Game & Watch too hard to bear? Well, Rainy Frog and Score Studios might have the solution. They're releasing Piczle Puzzle & Watch Collection on the eShop at the end of the month – July 29th, to be precise – and it aims to recreate the feel of Nintendo's original line of the million-selling LCD handhelds in virtual form.

Three games will be included in the package.

Piczle Cross
Choose from over 200 10×10 nonograms to play. Game A requires you to clear them making fewer than 3 mistakes.

Game B let’s you puzzle as you please. Your fastest time for each puzzle is recorded.

Piczle Pattern
Turn every square in a grid black following a cross pattern. Start with a blank slate and record your fewest moves, or start from a randomly generated grid.

Piczle Loops
72 logic-puzzles that require you to draw an uninterrupted looping line on a grid following the clues.

Game A offers 36 puzzles from easy to moderate, Game B another 36 from moderate to hard.

You'll be able to 'unbox' each game and even inspect its casing and read the instructions, all in 3D.

Piczle Puzzle & Watch Collection will cost $7.99 / €7.99. Will you be picking it up?