The official E3 Indie Showcase passed by in a blink, with about 15 minutes of game trailers of various types. There were a handful of Switch games featured but only one was 'new' - Moo Lander.

As you can see in the trailer above your job is to fly around as a UFO and fight a strange variety of cows, some of them demonic. Though that sounds bonkers - it is - the gameplay looks quite fun, and there'll be a multiplayer mode too. Some official blurb on the game is below.

Moo Lander is a 2D puzzle - platformer made with the Unity engine. You take control of The Lander and his spaceship, taming Mighty Ancient Cows, fighting a large variety of different enemies, solving all kinds of witty puzzles and exploring alien worlds. Use your Milk Shield, Milk Saber and other milk-based technology weapons to conquer the challenges of Moo Lander.

It's due to arrive in Spring 2022 on Switch - tempted?