Sonic Colors Ultimate
Image: SEGA

Sonic Colors Ultimate isn't far away, gracing the Switch and various systems on 7th September; as a shiny HD version of arguably Sonic's best game in the Wii-era, it's certainly on plenty of wishlists.

Rather pleasingly SEGA unveiled some new footage over the weekend as part of the E3 festivities. First up, as part of the IGN Summer of Gaming, there was a look at Asteroid Coaster (Act 1).

Sonic Colors Ultimate also made an appearance in the Future Games Show, this time with Tropical Resort (Act 2).

We think it's looking decent, and we wouldn't anticipate the Switch version to be too much different to this footage; it's a relatively modest HD upgrade of the Wii original, after all.

Are you excited about playing Sonic Colors Ultimate in a few months?