Fortnite and its wacky metaverse have never shied away from weird mashups and crossovers, and the latest season — which is Season 7 of the second Chapter — is taking the world of aliens and making it very, very weird.

In the new Season 7 Battle Pass, you'll find Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty, Clark Kent Superman, and Doctor Slone, an original Fortnite character with excellent hair. There are also various accessories themed around the new characters and aliens in general, like Rick's Butter Robot, a wormhole backpack, a rail gun and a pulse rifle, and emotes and dances, including one that's just a ska dance. We're... not sure how ska relates to aliens.

The biggest changes, though, include a customisable alien skin, a gun crafting system, and UFOs that you can fly around the map (or shoot down, if you prefer).

Oh, and, if you were wondering, this pretty much confirms that those weird postcards were for Fortnite, so... at least we solved that mystery.

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