One of the quickfire announcements in yesterday's Nintendo Direct at E3 2021 was the release of Strange Brigade, which is out now on the eShop; there's a 10% discount, and on the EU store you can buy a base version or a deluxe edition that throws in the season pass and various DLC add-ons (including extra campaigns).

Rebellion's horde shooter earned some praise from our colleagues at Push Square when it arrived on PS4, with its campaign doing plenty to shake up the normal patterns and throw in puzzles, traps and boss fights; after the campaign is done there are various maps and challenges to tackle, too. It's a title that you can play solo if you like, or you can opt for local / online co-op up to 4 players.

In terms of Switch features Rebellion promises motion controls, HD Rumble and Pro Controller support. Performance wise it states there's 'dynamic Resolution Switching for smooth 30fps gameplay, running up to 1080p on TV and 720p handheld'.

Let us know if you've tried this out on Switch or are planning to pick it up.