If you ask any retro shooter fan (who also had a strong import record back in the day) to name their favourite development studio, there are decent odds that they'll choose Cave. That makes the surprise release of one of the company's classics big news, and that's exactly what's happened with the arrival of Mushihimesama, which is out now on Switch eShop.

It was actually a part of the Japanese version of the Nintendo Direct, but unfortunately wasn't included in the Western E3 broadcast that many of us were watching. Nevertheless publisher Live Wire has been getting the word out, along with the launch trailer above.

Reco, a human princess, protects her village from a plague in a world inhabited by gigantic insects known as Koju. Ride Reco’s trusty sidekick, a beetle named Kiniro, across five gorgeous stages filled with insectoid enemies to the heart of the Koju forest.

Guide Reco and Kiniro through evocative environments ranging from lush forests to lava-filled volcanic craters, using Reco’s own insects to cut through armies seeking to halt her journey. Weave in and out of Koju attacks as a violent and beautiful barrage of enemy bullets enshroud the screen during each encounter.

Battle across multiple difficulties tailored to various skill levels. Experience the thrills and dangers of Mushihimesama’s original arcade launch in Normal or ease into the thick of things in a re-balanced version of the game tuned for genre newcomers called Novice. Prepare for the unexpected in Arrange and v1.5, each a remixed and reimagined version of Mushihimesama with alternate soundtracks, mechanics, and bullet patterns.

Each difficulty offers three modes for further customization. Original Mode has fewer bullets on screen, though they move quickly and caution is required to survive. Maniac Mode’s bullets are slower but more numerous, creating true bullet hell curtains. Take on the ultimate challenge with Ultra Mode, where enemy attacks are truly intense and only the most skilled will achieve the highest scores.

It's on the eShop now priced at $19.99USD / €16.99 / £15.29. Are you going to pick it up?