Not official artwork. We Photoshopped this. What do you mean, 'you could already tell'?

Today sees the launch of Mario Golf: Super Rush on Nintendo Switch – are you planning on getting a copy? – but what if we told you there's a TV ad for the game starring none other than Adam Howden, the English voice actor behind Xenoblade's Shulk? Oh yes.

It's your typical Nintendo advert, complete with a very happy family having a wonderful time in a neat and tidy living room while enjoying the latest Switch game. This one's different, though, because we're finding it impossible to listen to Howden speak without imagining Shulk taking to the green and shouting at everything.

You can give it a watch below.

And before you ask, yes, of course someone's added actual Shulk dialogue to make it even better. Enjoy:

Nintendo All-Stars Golf, anyone? Maybe just Super Golf Bros.? Super Smashing Golf Stars 3D Deluxe? We'll buy 'em all.