Mario Golf
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo has just released the latest entry in the Mario Golf series for the Switch. The gimmick unique to this one is "Speed Golf" - a mode where you tee off at the same time against other players and quite literally race through the course to get your ball in the hole first.

We must admit when Nintendo first showcased this mode in Mario Golf: Super Rush it was a pretty odd sight for such a sport (even by video game standards). Can you imagine how silly it might look if golf was played this fast in real life though? Well wonder no more - a TikTok user by the name of Daniel LaBelle recently shared a clip of what it would be like if people played golf as fast as Mario, and this is the result:

It seems like it would be absolute mayhem in real life - just like in the video game. We provided a breakdown of Mario's speed golf mode in our review:

"It's not just about speed, though, as your end score in speed golf, for example, is your completion time plus 30 seconds per shot, so finding the balance between speed and accuracy is important."

What do you think of this speedy take on real-life golf? Are you enjoying the new Speed Golf mode in Super Rush? Leave a comment down below.