Nintendo Tokyo
Image: Nintendo Tokyo

Japan gets all the best stuff; we know this, you know this, everyone knows this. It's just one of those things that you have to accept in life, like the fact that dropped toast will always land butter-side down or that you're guaranteed to unwittingly wear white on bolognaise night.

The latest Japan-exclusive goodies that have us eyeing our passport — and wishing that a) games writers were paid considerably more, and b) that we weren't in the middle of a pandemic that makes foreign travel a dicey prospect — are these six incredibly cute gashapon that will soon be appearing at Nintendo Tokyo pop-up stores.

As spotted by Before Mario (an excellent account that you should definitely follow), these keychain accessories are based on the button groupings from Famicom and NES controllers and they'll be available from special gacha machines placed at various Parco pop-up stores appearing across the Japanese capital between now and the end of August.

Take a look at the announcement tweet below, followed by the Google-powered (and slightly wonky) English translation:

[New product] [POP-UP]#NintendoTOKYO "Controller Button Collection", a capsule toy sold in advance at pop-up stores, is now available. Look forward to seeing which NES released overseas will appear in the nostalgic Famicom.

It looks like they'll be 500 yen a pop (or 500 yen for a 'roll of the dice'). Before Mario also says there's a secret seventh item available on top of the six items shown above. Want. So. Much!

If you're not a resident of Japan and you're prone to jealousy, it's probably best you give the Nintendo Tokyo Official Store Twitter account a miss — it's filled with improbably lovely plastic and other swag that you can't easily procure. For example:

Are these little controller doohickeys functional? No. Practical in any way at all? Nooooo. Worth phoning up vague acquaintances and work colleagues from years ago who you heard might be living in Japan to get the full set sent over at great effort and expense? Youbetchya.

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