During a Tencent video game conference last weekend, the first trailer for the upcoming Story of Seasons mobile game, titled "Story of Seasons: Mobile", was revealed.

And, uh, is it just us, or... does it look better than Pioneers of Olive Town?

The trailer shows off Xingluo Town, which looks a bit like Animal Crossing meets Pokémon, and a mayor who looks suspiciously like Mineral Town's Mayor Thomas. There's plenty of farming, too, plus lots of cuuuute animals.

Tencent has a 20% stake in Marvelous, but the Story of Seasons mobile game has been in the works at NExT Studio, a subsidiary of Tencent, apparently since 2019. The game is aimed at both Android and iOS, but looks like it's only aimed at Asian markets for now, at least. The website to pre-register for the game is live now, but there is no release date yet.

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