Burnout Paradise Remastered
Image: EA

Before Criterion Games signed on with EA to work on the Need for Speed series, it was known for its Burnout series.

The 2008 open-world game Burnout Paradise was the last major entry we saw on console platforms, and since then, there's been nothing but a remaster of the same game - which arrived on the Nintendo Switch last June.

So, what's the future hold for this beloved series from Criterion? It turns out it might not be a forgotten franchise - with a recent Sony PlayStation survey reportedly making a few mentions of the Burnout series. Here are the details, according to the Burnout subreddit:

"Received an email from Sony with link to a survey. First question was asking if I'd heard of games like Miles Morales, Godfall etc...and then Burnout?!"

"Again, Burnout randomly mentioned in another question which mainly featured more modern games. Are Sony looking at doing something with the Burnout IP?"

It's hard to say what this might mean, but if we were to take a guess, this could potentially be gauging interest in future entries. Or maybe Sony has something for itself in mind? Obviously, there's no mention of Nintendo or other platforms, so just keep that in mind.

While there's no guarantee we'll see more Burnout games in the future, this news is arguably better than nothing for fans. At the moment, Criterion Games is working on the new Need for Speed and assisting with the development of Battlefield 6 - so if a new Burnout game or a remaster is on the way, it might still be a while away.

Would you like to see the Burnout series make a comeback? Did you pick up Paradise Remastered on the Switch? Leave a comment down below.

[source purexbox.com]