Super Mario Galaxy DS.JPG
Image: Jesse

Super Mario Galaxy is a classic, and certainly in the conversation when debating the best ever Mario games; it shone on its Wii debut, and more recently looked rather nice as part of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection. Imagine, though, if it was playable on Nintendo DS.

That's what a group of four talented homebrew enthusiasts are working on, presumably just because they can. It's a project that has been progressing for a number of months, and a fresh video has been posted showing the Hurry Scurry Galaxy in action. The channel in question - simply called Jesse - assures any disbelievers that all footage and audio is captured on an actual DS.

There are still some missing sound effects, but it's hugely impressive - and definitely fun - to see it in action. There's no denying that there's a certain nostalgia for that DS era fuzz and chunky pixels, and though we'll stick to enjoying the game in its latest HD guise it's amazing what enthusiastic fans with coding skills can achieve.

The likelihood is that the project will remain a playable delight for its creators and no-one else, perhaps for fear of Nintendo taking a disliking to it, but as a concept to watch it's still a treat.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 on DS next, please - or on Switch, if Nintendo feels inclined...