Nintendo Switch Lite Blue
Image: Nintendo

As it so often does, the internet had a minor meltdown when Nintendo officially unveiled its latest console last month; the new Switch Lite Blue immediately divided fans thanks to its colouring which, in some official promo images, looked slightly more purple than its blue namesake would suggest.

Just like the whole blue/gold dress image that did the rounds a few years ago, people couldn't agree on what they were seeing. We've seen folk adamant that it's blue, purple, blurple, and indigo – the term used to describe Nintendo's purplish Game Boy Advance and GameCube consoles.

Officially, it's 'blue', and recent comparisons definitely rule out the indigo flavouring from the Game Boy Advance, so we imagine the argument is starting to settle down. Still, that hasn't stopped Nintendo from acknowledging the drama it created by sharing its very own comparison video.

Seen below, Nintendo Minute's Kit and Krysta compare the new console to a number of blue and purple amiibo figures to help you decide, because that's how all colour tests should be carried out, obviously. It's definitely not Waluigi Purple, but it's not quite Mario dungaree blue either – oh no, it's happening again.

It's blue, right? Or is it a little bit purple? Help.