Metal Saga
Image: Success / 24Frame

As you may have seen earlier today, a livestream celebrating 30 years of Metal Max confirmed that Metal Max Xeno: Reborn is bringing its open-world tank JRPG gameplay to the West. There was another announcement, though, with publisher Success and developer 24Frame unveiling Metal Saga: Hangyaku No Rouka.

It's a new entry in the series and the first in the 'Saga' line - excluding a mobile spin-off - since the Japan-only Metal Saga: Hagane no Kisetsu way back in the days of the DS. As detailed by Gematsu, the 'bounty-hunting RPG' was confirmed for Switch and it will reportedly support "Japanese and more". That's encouraging language, suggesting that the publisher will look for avenues to roll it out globally, though no release window was given.

Below is a nice summary of gameplay details via Gematsu:

Symbol Encounters

Although previous entries in the series used a random encounters system, all monsters with a bounty on their head will appear as symbols in Metal Saga: Hangyaku no Rouka. Since monsters act within their own ecosystems and thoughts on the fields and in dungeons, players can enjoy an even more realistic post-apocalyptic world. You can also avoid unnecessary battles by averting monsters.

Live Battles

With the change to symbol encounters, the more realistic battles now unfold seamlessly on the field. Combat can be described as a seamless transition from the series’ traditional command-based battles, with improvements made to prop up systems that were not well received in previous games.


By utilizing a “Strategy” that makes it possible to eliminate the labor of repeated command inputs that was tradition in the past, repetitive tasks such as leveling can be done more comfortably. Characters whose Strategy is set to ON will act according to pre-defined guidelines. You can also switch between Strategies in battle based on the situation, such as in bounty battles.

Build Your Own Villa

Expanding upon the gifts system of interiors and costumes that was popular in previous titles, Metal Saga: Hangyaku no Rouka will allow you to have your own “villa” on a small, uninhabited island that you can freely cultivate. You can customize interiors, as well as construct various facilities, set up your own garage car wash, and even invite your favorite characters to live in your villa to create your very own hideout.

It seems like this one is still some way off and here's hoping it eventually gets a global release; will you be keeping an eye on this one?